Faecal incontinence

Healthwatch: people’s experiences of continence care

All too often we hear how bowel dysfunction can have an impact on an individual’s quality of life. It is also recognized that bowel symptoms can be exacerbated by the associated taboo and a lack of understanding/knowledge, which, as a result, can only encourage unfavorable opinions on continence care services. 

Healthwatch have recently published a report on shared experiences in health and social care with an ‘in focus’ section specifically looking at continence care. I am saddened by how negatively the public view the care for both faecal and urinary incontinence. Is it not time for us all to pull together to make changes, especially when, in my opinion, we have so many excellent services within the National Health Service?

Full link to the report can be found below. 

Brigitte Collins
Global Clinical Education Manager

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