Bowel care products

We believe everyone deserves the right to bowel irrigation solutions that fit seamlessly into their lives. This is why we offer the widest range of bowel irrigation solutions available.

We offer a broad range of solutions for bowel irrigation to overcome chronic constipation and faecal incontinence. Most people can benefit from solutions that are easy and intuitive to use, and can help them regain their sense of control and self-confidence.

Qufora IrriSedo MiniGo is our newest one-handed solution for bowel irrigation, which is used while sitting on or over the toilet. It is developed for people who need only a small amount of water when irrigating.

Qufora IrriSedo Flow, a new bowel irrigation system with an innovative way of managing water flow, that is simply intuitive to use and designed to be individual to suit different situations.

Qufora IrriSedo Klick is designed for users seated on or over the toilet when irrigating. The system is suitable for users who have difficulty keeping the cone in place or who need a better seal to instil the irrigation water.

The Qufora Bed system is a ‘closed’ irrigation system specifically for users who are unable to sit on an ordinary toilet and therefore need their bowel management to be carried out on the bed.

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Getting started

Before using the IrriSedo products to irrigate, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the system.

Tips & Tricks

Here you will find information on how to maintain a good routine, as well as troubleshooting any problems you may experience.

Qufora IrriSedo Flow

Qufora IrriSedo Flow is our newest bowel irrigation system with simple and easy handling and a cone.