We care about human health

Our Mission is centered around human health and we have a holistic approach where we consider several aspects linked to the health and well being of our customers and end-users.

We are an innovative development house and we seek constant improvements in everything we do to improve healthcare offering to a new paradigm.

Qufora wants to live up to our Mission to improve quality of life for people with bowel issues in a responsible way towards the environment.

We have high ethical standards and have set strict internal procedures to secure your personal data in the best possible way.

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Our story

We aspire to deliver quality solutions for all, by designing solutions that put people on the road towards living their best, most fulfilled lives.

Bowel care products

We believe everyone deserves the right to bowel irrigation solutions that fit seamlessly into their lives.

Imagine the possibilities

Discover Qufora IrriSedo Flow, a new bowel irrigation system with an innovative way of managing water flow, that is simply intuitive to use and designed to be individual to suit different situations.