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Working at Qufora A/S

As a company, we put emphasis on being an attractive workplace, with room for inclusiveness, creativity, openness and collaboration and where we recognize that the individual employee is our most important resource.

We are a company with a great deal of social responsibility. It feels a bit like one big family here at Qufora, we all know one another very well and care for each other’s wellbeing. We are in continuous development and in just 4 years we doubled our staff.

Vacancies are usually advertised, but it frequently happens that we use our network for recruitment channel. Therefore, do not hesitate to send us an unsolicited application. Which we, of course by agreement with you, can store up to 6 months.

Hear the stories from some of our employees

Kristian started as development engineer in October 2020
I wanted a job at a company whose products make sense to the user.

It is absolutely fantastic to find a place with such sweet colleagues and great atmosphere. It's fun to hear about how much has happened in Qufora over the last five years, it's hard to understand as newcomer. I wonder where we are in the next five years - I am excited and wildly happy to be on the team!

I have landed in a development department with speed on product development, strong innovation with the user experience as the focal point; that is exactly the way I like to work. I think it's great to be part of a team (a company) with a common goal of spreading good, well-developed products.

Kristian, employee at Qufora A/S

Heidi started as a warehouse employee in November 2020
A workplace that feels like home.

Being part of Qufora is like being part of a big family. Everyday life at Qufora - you feel that it’s a caring and supportive atmosphere. You experience that everyone looks out for each other and is interested in each other. I got a really warm welcome from day one. And after just one month, I knew everyone – that’s how fast you connect at Qufora.

There’s a busy, but great working environment with space for smiles and laughs, in fact there is space for everyone. Some days I’m really busy, while other days are quieter. You have a great deal of freedom in your work, which makes you do that bit extra when it’s required. Qufora, for me, is lovely people, varied work and close collaboration with colleagues - that I wouldn’t be able to do without!

Heidi, employee at Qufora A/S
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We are always looking for the most talented forces in the industry, so do not hesitate to send us an unsolicited application.