How to treat bowel dysfunction?

Find the right bowel management regime

The process of managing faecal incontinence or constipation is called “bowel management.”

Bowel management can involve diet- and liquid regulation, regular exercise, use of laxatives or constipation drugs, diapers or pads, digital stimulation, or evacuation, bowel irrigation (also called rectal irrigation [RI] or transanal irrigation [TAI]) and in severe situations, may involve surgical options as an ostomy surgery.

These treatments may not necessarily solve problems with stool irregularity, time consumption and incontinence episodes. Furthermore, inadequate bowel management and side effects to the treatments may dominate day-to-day life and reduce quality of life.

It is important to find a bowel management regime that solves your bowel problem and is the best fit for your life. In the next section, you will find more information about using bowel irrigation as a part of a bowel management regime.

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