Mission, vision & values

The cornerstones of our business

Our vision, mission and values are centered around health. We have a holistic approach where we consider several aspects linked to the health and well-being of our customers and end-users.

We are an innovative development house and we are always looking to make improvements in our healthcare offerings.

Our vision is to be seen as the center of excellence for product development, education and service within bowel and bladder care.

Our mission is to provide quality products for bowel and bladder functions, along with providing a world-class service that allows people to live a more fulfilling life.


For both our customers
and our employees


We want a culture of listening to, and valuing, the telling of stories, experiences and wisdom of others


Continuing to strive
for improvement


Taking a positive approach
to all situations


Making a difference


View systems as time saving

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About Qufora

Qufora is a medical device company that works to enable people with chronic bowel disorders to live a better life.