Qufora Catheter Valves

Providing more freedom and discretion

The catheter valves can be attached to permanent catheters as an alternative to a urine bag, which provides the user more freedom and discretion. All valves are easily operated with one hand. The valves can be connected to Leg and Bed bags.

Q-flow valve


Lever valve

The Qufora Q-flow valve fitted with a soft silicone tube can easily be attached to a urinary bag or a permanent catheter. The valve is safe and easy to handle, including for people with reduced finger dexterity. The Qufora Q-flow valve secures free-flow at 90˚ and 180˚. This last position also prevents the valve from closing during the night.

We offer two additional valves: the T-valve and the Lever valve. Both are supplied with a soft silicone tube.

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