Qufora Urinary Bags

We focus on product quality and ease-of-use

Qufora offers a wide range of latex-free urinary leg and bed bags, all of which are safe, reliable, and easy to use. The leg bags have a soft backing and very thin profiles, becoming almost invisible beneath clothes – even when full.

Qufora leg bags

Qufora leg bags are comfortable to wear, fitting nicely around the leg. The bag is almost invisible underneath the clothes when filled and the soft backing ensures high comfort, even in warm conditions. Qufora leg bags are subject to strict quality requirements to meet the expectations of a user-friendly and durable bag.

Qufora Urology Leg Bag
  • Leg bags available in 350 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml sizes
  • The back side has a skin-friendly ’non-woven’ soft backing for increased comfort
  • Your choice of sterile or non-sterile bags
  • Your choice of a Q-flow valve (90° and 180° operation), Lever valve or a T-valve
  • Valves are easy to handle for people with reduced finger dexterity
  • Universal connector and non-return valve
  • Needle-free sample port
  • Velcro straps for easy attachment
Qufora bed bags

Qufora bed bags are designed for hospitals, nursing homes and home care with a focus on functionality and security. Qufora bed bags are available in several versions and sizes to suit individual needs.

  • Bed bags available in 750 ml, 1.5 litre and 2.0 litre
  • Drainable and non-drainable versions
  • Tube lengths from 10 cm – 130 cm
  • Your choice of sterile or non-sterile bags
  • Your choice of Lever valve or a T-valve
  • Non-return valve preventing infection risk
  • Universal connector which easily connects to the catheter or leg bag 
  • The free-flow or large outlet ensures that clots can pass through freely
  • The bed bag can be emptied in a hygienic and safe way
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Qufora is a medical device company that works to enable people with chronic bowel disorders to live a better life.

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