Qufora IrriSedo Mini

The easy and simple irrigation solution

Qufora IrriSedo Mini is a one-handed system for bowel irrigation which is used while sitting on or over the toilet. The product is developed for people who need only a small amount of water when irrigating. A non-return valve prevents contaminated water from flowing back into the Mini, and the single use cone makes irrigating easy and hygienic at home, at work, or on holiday.

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Qufora IrriSedo Mini is for people who are able to sit on or over a toilet, and who are able to support the cone in the rectum during irrigation.
  • Irrigation with Qufora IrriSedo Mini is easy to learn
  • The cone has a lubricated coating, which is ready to use as soon as it comes into contact with water. This ensures fast and gentle irrigation
  • Water is instilled into the rectum by squeezing the pump
  • The cone comes in a discrete, hygienic pouch, which can also be utilized for disposal of the used cones

Ideal for people who:
  • Have good dexterity and hand control
  • Are free to hold the cone in place in the rectum
  • Are able to sit securely on the toilet
Qufora irrigation Qufora IrriSedo Mini

An assessment is always carried out by the healthcare professional in order to identify suitability for irrigation and the right product for the individual needs.

Qufora Irrigation Qufora IrriSedo Mini with extension
Qufora IrriSedo Mini includes:
  • Single-use cone with hydrophilic coating that is activated when dipped in water
  • Pump (volume 90 ml, irrigation volume max. 70 ml)
  • Also available is the Qufora IrriSedo Extension Tube. The extension tube is an accessory to allow better reach or to deliver an increased volume of water (approx. 120 ml)

How does the product work?

Qufora IrriSedo Mini works by flushing water from the pump into the rectum via the cone.

Place the tube of the pump into a bowl or sink of clean warm water. Squeeze and release the pump until it is filled completely with water.

The cone is coated with lubricant, which should be activated with water immediately before use.

The coating and the shape of the cone makes insertion easy and smooth. Seated on the toilet, carefully guide the cone into the rectum.

By squeezing the pump once, water flows into the rectum. A non-return valve prevents water from running back into the pump.

When the cone is removed, water and faeces will evacuate into the toilet.

Before use, always consult the ‘Instructions for use’ document delivered with the product.

We strongly believe that being as independent as possible has a positive impact on quality of life. The key to successful bowel irrigation is based on assessment, training and follow-up with the healthcare professional. Therefore, we want to support healthcare professionals with a product that will help achieve positive patient outcomes. 

  • The single-use cone is coated so that when it is dipped in water, it is ready to be used immediately
  • The cone comes in a pouch for hygienic handling of the cone when attaching and detaching it, and for disposal of the used cone afterwards
  • The procedure can be performed using only one hand
  • The manual pump has a safety valve that prevents used water from running back in the pump
  • If a little extra water is needed, or using both hands is preferred, a single-use extension tube can be acquired
  • Qufora IrriSedo Mini is latex-free

Bowel irrigation helps prevent constipation and incontinence and restores predictable bowel function.

People with the following bowel conditions often benefit from irrigating with a low volume of water, for example, using Qufora IrriSedo Mini:

  • Passive faecal incontinence
  • Post defecation seepage
  • Rectocele
  • Incomplete evacuation
  • Evacuation difficulties
  • Low anterior resection syndrome (LARS)
  • The pump can be used for up to 1 month. Should discoloration develop within the recommended usage time, then the pump should be replaced
  • The cone is a single use item. If the single use items of the product are reused, there is a risk of unwanted effects that can influence the function of the product and the health of the patient, carers and others

How does the Qufora IrriSedo Mini work?

Watch the video to learn how to put together and use Qufora IrriSedo Mini.

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Please read the “Instructions for use” carefully before using a product. In here, you will find information about usage the use, contraindication, warnings, and further instructions.

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