Qufora Urisheath

Gentle, flexible and secure

The Qufora Urisheath is a male external catheter that helps men of all ages with incontinence challenges. A Urisheath offers the advantage of diverting the urine to a urine bag, thus decreasing urine odor and protecting the skin from contact with urine.

Self-adhesive Urisheath

Urisheath measuring guide

The self-adhesive Qufora Urisheath is easy to roll on and keep fixed in place, as the integrated adhesive band on its inner surface attaches the Urisheath to the penis. The well-balanced adhesive is gentle on the skin and ensures a perfect, secure fit.

  • The Qufora Urisheath is made of transparent, flexible silicone that adapts easily to ensure a leak-proof fixation to the penis for up to 24 hours
  • The silicone material has the ability to let the skin “breathe”, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment on the surface of the skin. This prevents irritations and allergies that can occur with latex
  • Qufora Urisheaths are available in 5 different diameters and in 2 lengths
  • The Qufora Urisheath measuring guide can be used to measure the diameter of the penis to ensure the correct size of the Urisheath
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