Qufora Urinary Catheters

Intermittent catheterization

People who cannot empty their urine through the bladder in a normal way can use intermittent catheterization. A thin, smooth surface catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder to empty it. The process is repeated at regular or varying intervals, according to the needs and routines of the individual.


The new Onestep disposable urinary catheter is intended for sterile intermittent catheterization. The catheter has a hydrophilic coating which is already activated in the package. It is ready for use when removed from the package.


Twostep is activated after unpacking by covering it with water (ordinary tap water). The urinary catheter is then ready for use after 30 seconds.


Twostep Plus

Twostep Plus is activated by breaking the sachet enclosed in the package (containing sterile water) before unpacking. The catheter is ready for use after 30 seconds.

  • The Onestep and Twostep Plus have insertion grips, so that the catheter can be inserted without touching its surface
  • The catheters are available with either Nelaton or Tiemann catheter tips, depending on catheter length and gender of the user
  • Tiemann and the Nelaton tips are round for ease of insertion
  • The rounded catheter eyes prevent irritation of the urethra and provide optimum discharge of urine
  • The smooth coated surface of the catheter helps to insert and remove the catheter as easily and gently as possible
  • The catheter coating leaves no residue in the urethra
  • The catheters are made of approved materials and are 100% phthalate- free
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